PanchamHello, and welcome to little-fan.me, a collective that houses various webpages and web applications that have been created, designed, and owned by a web designer hobbyist named Jamie. This site displays my various webpages and web applications that ranges from games, to my poetry, to my short stories, and even to my fanlistings. For two decades I've been building, creating, and designing these projects and have learned some new techniques over the years to help improve my varied creations. Please enjoy the various webpages and web applications that I have put togehter. I love to create different projects and what better way to showcase them than through the medium of the World Wide Web.

Last Modified Last Updated: May 17, 2018

Surprise! I've finally made a new theme for little-fan.me featuring quite a few characters from the hit Nintendo and Super Nintendo video games Super Mario Bros.. I hope everyone enjoys the new theme as much as I've enjoyed creating it. I'm hoping to continue expanding this collective as I have some really awesome ideas just waiting to come to life. Here's to another fresh start of having a collective.

Current Theme Info

The current theme that you, the visitor, are actually viewing is version 1.0 entitled "Rebooting With Pancham (Yancham)." Why the sudden urge to reboot the domain with a new theme that features a Panda from the Pokemon XIY generation? Well, I've sat down and debated and tormented myself for days until I finally made a decision to actually reboot this domain to showcase my many creations that have been created over the years and are being created. I've been creating websites for two decades and love learning techniques and tricks that enables me to want to incorporate them into some kind of project that's been sitting on my hard drive or flash drive collecting micro-dust. I've also been debating and tormenting myself with what domain I should use and this domain, little-fan.me seemed to be the perfect candidate for what I want to showcase. This design uses various sources and coding tricks from a few people I've had the pleasure in getting to know and they are: